Other non-essential elements may be added to those mentioned above to solve specific problems or enhance the value of the self-service station.

Some of them are:

- raised floors, under which pipes and electric cables may be installed;

- dispensers for shampoos and small items including disposable aprons, gloves and blouses;

- wall-mounterd burglar-proof coin-changers combined with coin boxes;

- key- or card-operated door-openers mentioned or 5;

- railings with automatic-closure "saloon type" doors;

- tabletop cards or keys chargers;

-ozone therapy;

-hair, vapor and odor extraction hoods.

Dispensers may contain several products such as, for instance, small-size shampoo, conditioner or perfume packages.

Their functions, though, also include the distribution of keys and cards to first-access Customers and their recharging.


Self-service grooming stations may be associated with an efficient washing and drying service for all animal clothes as well as their soft baskets, blankets mattresses, etc.

Industrial systems or simple home-type washing and drying machines with coin box connection can be used.

In ozone terapy the veterinarian will determine the best method of delivery of the ozone to your pet. The common technique is transdermal: the ozone is introduced into the body via the skin.

photoOzone terapyphoto

Tree models are available for extraction hoods: a complete system (with active carbon cabinet); a collection system for volatile hair only; and a system used only for vapors and odors extraction.